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Kristian Schuller sets the scene for Heidi Klums #GNTM models as “Desert Queens”

The Models are in the desert, who will stay there for the future at GNTM2017. Picture Glomex/Pro7

Which model will be convincing in her first job?

From Los Angeles to San Francisco and on to the cover of “Shape” magazine! Mentors Michael Michalsky and Thomas Hayo will be surprising their models with a job in San Francisco during the 5th episode of “Germany’s next topmodel – by Heidi Klum” (airing Thursday March 9th 2017).

Who will be making it on the cover and will be shooting a workout editorial?
Céline (18, Koblenz): „I absolutely want to get into Shape magazine. Crazy, that the job is scheduled to start immediately tomorrow.“ Carina (19, München): „I would deserve that job. I am keeping my body in shape, work out every day and watch my diet.” Who is going to score the first job in the 12th #GNTM season?

Heidi Klum is sending her models off to the desert „I better not come up with boring ideas for Heidi, so there will be a lot of action today”, promises star photographer Kristian Schuller (Penélope Cruz, Coco Rocha, Sharon Stone). He will be staging Heidi’s top models as “Desert Queens” in the Californian desert. Heidi Klum: „I love Kristian Schuller. You’re giving him an idea and he will put the icing on the cake. He is a lucky bag and all his photos are truly amazing.”

Victoria´s Secret angel Nadine Leopold will be supporting the junior models: “All of them are so motivated, it’s great fun. It reminds of the time I started modeling.”

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Sabine (23, Munich): „It’s just great to have a Victoria’s Secret angel shooting with us. It’s my big dream to walk this catwalk one day.”
Heidi Klum is demanding a lot of her models at this photo shoot: “The girls are dirty. They look rugged and ‘rock’n’roll’. A lot of mud, dust and water – it’s absolutely wild!” Guiliana (20, Herbolzheim): “This shooting is super exhausting. There’s sand in your eyes at all times.”

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