„I just love the makeover!” – Heidi Klum is giving new looks to her #GNTM models in L.A.

Makeover with the GNTM2017 ModelsGermany's next Topmodel, Staffel 12, 2017 Giuliana Foto: © ProSieben/Micah Smith Makeover with the GNTM2017 Models

Unterföhring, January 28th 2017. Heidi Klums up-and-coming models are getting their new looks in the City of Angels. “I just love the makeover! This is always a very special day for the girls because they never know what’s going to happen to them.” Hair cut short, long hair, red hair, blonde hair – Heidi Klum and her team of stylists have prepared the perfect look for each of the young models in the 4th episode of “Germany’s next Topmodel – by Heidi Klum” (Thursday, March 2nd 2017).

Heidi Klum: “I would be delighted to see a makeover episode where no one is crying.” But when the stylists are reaching for their combs and scissors, the joyful anticipation quickly vanishes within some of the models. Helena (18, Nebikon): “I am thinking about quitting.“ Thomas Hayo and Michael Michalsky are on their future models’ side with well-intentioned advice. Thomas Hayo: “I have never regretted anything I did, only the things I haven’t done.” Will Helena be convinced? Following the makeover, the aspiring top models will be shooting their sedcards in their new looks in front of star photographer Bryan Bowen Smith’s (Orlando Bloom, Eva Mendes, Jennifer Aniston) lens.

Heidi Klum: “I love Bryan Bowen Smith. We’re always having so much fun and that’s great. But it will be tough for the girls as the focus will be solely on them. No accessories, no performances – it’s simply all about the model.”

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